Saturday, May 31, 2008

Those damned elusive OXO-cubes.

Those damned elusive OXO-cubes
- I seek them here, I seek them there, I seek them every damn where -
For years now I have been eating away at my local Supermarket and for some unknown reason they don’t stock the kind I want, I’m just not getting anywhere, I’ve tried phoning the local store, I’ve even phoned their head office in London, I’ve had scores of customer request forms filled out, on more than one occasion have spoken to the Stores Manager, I’ve sent so many e-mails to them I’ve lost count, all my friends and relations all over the country are looking for those damned elusive OXO-cubes for me.

I have phoned OXO’s main offices and spoken to their Customer Services Manager who informs me that this Supermarket main Purchasing and Supplies Department don’t put in a demand for them. I thought at least the OXO-company might have sent me some complementary ones but they didn’t.

Now before anyone e-mails me and says “Oh yes they do”, “Oh no they don’t”, well not for the sort I want, the Chinese and Mexican - blue and brownie coloured ones.

I ask please circulate my request to all of your friends - !!!!!!!!!!

Supermarkets stock OXO cubes Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Indian, Italian, why not for my Chinese and Mexican cubes?.

See some of my OXO-pamphlets and cooking books below.

A small reward will be given to anyone giving me information leading to the capture of those damned elusive OXO-cubes. ..........



Anonymous said...

I have been looking Mick but its not looking good. I found this - but its not open yet. I found some on ebay. But thats it. Maybe you will just have to give up the hunt. eek
Lov Fab

Mick's Page. said...

Hi Fab.

Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for looking for those damn elusive OXO-cubes in your area. OXO do do a web page but not at the andy. On their other web site they mention cooking with the Chinese and Mexican cubes. I think its very strange that no one seems to stock them.

Give up, no way, I will keep flooding them with e-mails so eventually they will get fed up with me and either stock them or send me some - Love Mick xx

Leggy said...

Mick I hate to tell you, but my friend called then at Premier Foods today and I can at least tell you the Mexican ones have been discontinued! She is devastated!

Mick's Page. said...

Hi Ms [?] - Leggy.

Thank you kindly for your comment also thank you and your friend for taking an interest in those damn elusive OXO-cubes and for your friend to actually phone Premier - fantastic.

Premier Website says [in part] “ The OXO Herbs and Spices range also offers the ideal way to jazz up family meals, with each cube specially blended to create the flavours of Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Italian cooking.”

Something awfully strange is going on here, On one hand, they are a discontinued line, on the other hand they are not being ordered. Someone is telling ‘porkies’.

Rest assured I WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS one way or the other.

Tomorrow I will phone them on 0800 374342 or 01727815850 and speak to a manager and not a Call Centre operator. Hopefully I will get a definitive answer !!!!!.

Mouse said...


I was just google-ing to find these same oxo cubes when I came across your blog. I have looked all over Brighton and Hove for the elusive Chinese and Mexican cubes but to no avail :(

I am really desperate to find them as they don't contain onion powder (which I can't eat) and it is so hard to find any seasoning which doesn't contain it! The mexican ones make the most amazing chicken seasoning for fajitas and I used the chinese ones in every stifry I made.

I'm happy to join you in pestering anyone necessary to get these back in production (if discontinued) and re-stocked (no pun intended) in the supermarkets! They really were brilliant. :(

Mouse x

Robert Wheeler said...


I just bought a 24 pack of mexican oxo cubes from:

Sun Mark Ltd
428 Long Drive

020 8575 3700

very helpfull people and I paid £13.02 for them. Contact them and see if they will send you a pack.

let me know if you are successful!

Mick's Page. said...

Hi Robert.

Thank you very much for the information and the address.

Into days post - Sat 5th Jul I received from my grand daughter up in Scotland a huge parcel of not only Mexican cubes but Indian and Chinese as well which now makes my herbs and spices cupboard almost full to over flowing.

If in future I run short the I have the address you gave on file.

Once again thank you your interest, trouble and the comment. - Mick

Anonymous said...


Where in Scotland did your granddaughter obtain Mexican Oxo Cubes. I am in Devon and my parents in Gloucestershire have supplied me thus far but no longer. My email is

In anticipation (for my chillies).


Mick's Page. said...

Hi Di.

E-mail sent to your address - Mick

Anonymous said...

just online looking for those elusive cubes as well.. I live in lancashire and cannot find any anywhere pleaseeeee helppppppp

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about Sun Mark. we got some from them but had to drive to London to collect them...... Long drive from Birmingham. They couldnt post them out as they're just a distribution centre but they still do have some left, expiry date feb 09. Hope that helps

Mouse said...

Hello OXO hunters!

I have just been on the phone to customer services and the chap on the phone seemed to find it all very amusing. He confirmed they have been discontinued but has given me hope for them being reintroduced...

Apparently following an internet campaign, Bisto gravy granules were put back into production. Now I don't imagine we could generate as much pressure as that campaign but I'm willing to try..!

He gave me the details of the person we should direct our campaign to:

Andrew Ward

Consumer Relations Manager

Premier Foods
Bridge Road
Long Sutton
PE12 9EQ

Anyway, I hope this is of some use.


Mouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mouse said...

...I forgot to leave the phone number...

Andrew Ward: 01406 367128


p.s. if anyone has a spare box of Chinese / Mexican cubes I could buy off them I'd be so grateful! I don't have a car and can't drive to Middlesex for them :(

Anonymous said...

i live in surrey and a few weeks ago bought a box of the chinese cubes from my local Poundstretchers shop hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I'm truly gutted!! I love Mexican Oxo cubes. Having been unable to find any locally (East Sussex)I decided to search the web - and to my dismay found this site only to realise I'm not alone in my fruitless hunt. It's certainly not looking good. Ebay seems the only hope for an expensive quick fix. However I shall also be emailing for a bleat, and live in hopes of getting them reintroduced. Hils

Colin said...

I love them as well, they make the best chilli in the world. I was getting them in Sainsbury's. I normally buy all the stock that is on the shelf but the last time I went, they hold me they no longer stock them. (no pun intended). I think we should campain to oxo.

Mouse said...

Booo! Got this reply today:


With reference to your recent email request address to Andrew Ward as to where you are able to purchase our Chinese and Mexican Oxo Herb and Spice Cubes. We have been asked to reply on Mr Ward's behalf.

We are informed by the Marketing Manager for Oxo that Retailer's sales diminished and as a result their orders to us reduced significantly. The Oxo Spice Cubes are a relatively difficult product to manufacture and were no longer economically viable for us to make in small quantities so we had no option but to discontinue the Mexican, Indian and Chinese varieties. For this reason, it is unlikely that they will be reinstated. We are continuing to manufacture the Italian variety as we are currently still receiving sufficient orders from retailers.

May we take this opportunity of thanking you for taking the time and trouble in contacting us and trust that you will continue to enjoy our wide range of quality products.

May we assure you of our best attention at all times.

Yours sincerely

Consumer Relations Advisor

Anonymous said...

Double boo. Got the same reply from Premier Foods. Still, on the plus side I'm looking forward to the arrival of my £6.40 pack of 6 Mexi Oxo's recently purchased on Ebay. Hils

Anonymous said...

I have been also looking to re-stock my mexican, chinese and indian cubes. I too have the Oxo cookbook which tells you to use said cubes - great recipes. Today tried a huge Sainsburys (only had the Italian ones) then tried Waitrose - no luck, my local Morrisons don't stock them. Can't get them in Asda either. I am gutted they are no longer being made. I used them a lot. Will try a Poundstretcher, if I can find one.

Scott Young Web Design said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott said...

Has anyone found a source of these recently?

Sam said...

I've been using mexican oxo cubes for a number of years and when I could no longer get hold of any, my internet searching lead me to your page.

After reading the helpful comments, I emailed premier foods asking for the proportions of spices that they used and got this response:

With reference to your recent email addressed to Andrew Ward regarding our Mexican Oxo Herb and Spice Cubes. We have been asked to reply on Mr ward's behalf.

We regret to confirm to you that the Mexican cubes are not being reintroduced for the reasons given previously but we are happy to provide the proportion of ingredients used. Unfortunately we cannot break this down to individual cube level as we manufactured these in industrial quantities.

The ingredients for Mexican Oxo were as follows:-

Wheat Flour (27%), Salt (26%), Sugar (13%), Dried Tomato Powder (1.5%), Cumin Extract (1%); Pepper Extract (0.5%); Chilli Extract (0.1%).

We do hope this is of help to you and would like to assure you of our best attention at all times.

After some experimenting with spices at home, I found I got a similar effect with:
3 tsp paprika
1 tsp hot chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp tomato puree

I hope this helps people who are as sad as I am to see the mexican oxo cubes disappear.


farringtoc said...

I'm so happy that it's not just me that is in desperate need of Mexican Oxo. Ran out last week after buying 10 packs from Sainsbury's in Denton. Emailed Premier food and found out they were discontinued. Have just posted on HUKD asking people to email requesting they are brought back and got all my friends to do the same. My chili was legendary , all due to these fabulous little cubes and now it tastes so bland. I will do whatever ot takes to bring back the Mexican Oxo!! I NEED THEM...

Mouse said...


I have just sent an email to Premier Foods using their Customer Relations form:

I will also email Andrew Ward directly:

I think this is our best hope.
My main consideration for wanting them reintroduced is that they are the only stock cube / seasoning mixes of their kind which are free from onion powder which I can't eat. I know there are hundreds of other people in the uk with an alium allergy / intolerance and if they got onboard with this campaign too, maybe Oxo would listen!

Thanks Sam for your recipe and finding out that useful info. I have experimented with similar combinations of spices to get the same effect but it's just not quite the same - I think they must also contain magic!

I'd love to know the proportional make up of the Chinese cubes too so I might be sending another email to Premier...

Julie said...

I've emailed Premier Foods today about the Oxo cubes and Bisto Sauces. My chillis taste awful without the wonderful little cubes. I haven't been able to find the Italian ones either. Any news?

donna said...

i loved the mexican and indian varieties and used to be able to get them in a store called poundstretchers but as with a lot of things they get you hooked and then you can no longer get them :( i always check everywhere i go and if i do come accross any i'll be back to let you know Mick until then don't give up looking :-)

donna x

Hilarie said...

Hi - This is a message for Julie
Having left things for a while, I decided to have another look on this site today to investigate any developments with my beloved but elusive Mexi Oxo's. I'm now beginning to get some serious withdrawal symptoms. However, on a hopefully more positive note for you re the Italian Oxo's, I'm pretty sure I spotted some on the shelf in Sainsburys yesterday. I'm not really into those personally, so I didn't investigate further. Good luck though. Hils

PhoenixAmber said...

have emailed to add my tiny weight to the argument about reinstating the cubes, i wonder how many of us are there ? and are we in sufficient numbers with friends and family to add enough wieght to a petition ?
i only came by the cubes by accident really it wasn't through any kind of advertising or anything, because i managed to get hold of them about a month ago i just thought they were a gimmick for christmas, this is the first site i came across in my search for the "elusive cubes" lol i wonder how many others there really are, lets face it they have to make it un sufficeint numbers to make a profit, and that's a lot of cubes
here's hoping .

sadie said...

Our huge tesco store say they stopped stocking various cubes due to 'needing the space for xmas stock'duh. We have checked out Asda, Morrisons, Co-op and Sainsburys, all we can see is, beef, chicken and vegetable.Will be looking in Aldi next week.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the ingredients for the Indian Oxo cubes please ????

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd let you know there I'm another deprived fan of the mexi oxo cube. My wife's chicken fajitas just don't taste the same!

We also revisited a tasty mexican sausage and bean dish last night after an absence of a year or so. Again not quite as good as before without mexicube.

I promised my wife that I'd go onto the internet to hunt the elusive cube but to no avail. I'm about to tell her the bad news.

At least she will know we're not alone!


D said...

Hi - i just came across this site - i have been looking for the mex and chinese oxo cubes but to no avail. Does anyone know if you can still get them in poundstrecher - an earlier post said the best use by date was feb 09 - so not sure if they would still have them???
Also what about using Fajita mix/powder instead of the Mex cubes - has anyone tried that?

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for the past 12 months so it's very encouraging to read other comments that they've experienced the same. Will be contacting oxo and asking for the mexican cube to be re-instated as the 'heat' has gone out of my Saturday nights!

Anonymous said...

Hi all
I am amazed that so many other people are on the hunt for the elusive 'alternative flavour' Oxo cube. My husband and I discovered the Italian ones over twelve months ago, and the chinese only recently. We have tried every high street supermarket recently and can't find either. Its like an obsession now. We have never even seen a Mexican version! Further to one of the earlier comments, I have looked on ebay just now. Might have to bid for some. Its amazing what you can find on there!
I will also join the petition to OXO to reinstate all the 'new' cube flavours. Thanks for starting this site Mick! Its nice to know "We are not alone!!"

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm gobsmacked that I'm in the same position as so many others out there. Not living in GB means that when we do go to England, we do a big shop of goodies not found abroad (or not found abroad at a sensible price). Last time we were in Manchester, we weren't able to find any of the Mexican, Indian or Chinese cubes but thought that was just bad luck. My wife's in London this w.e. and has just informed me that she again hasn't been able to find any and so I started googling and stumbled across this blog. I, too, will be getting in touch with Premier Foods. Thanks for all the research!

Brian said...

I thought I was all alone in my fruitless attempts at obtaining ITALIAN and INDIAN OXO. I feel much better now I am not alone!I hve been seen stalking Store staff at Stores in the Northwest in my quest.
Is there anybody out there...

Anonymous said...

Like many of you, I too hunted down the last few Oxo Indian stock cubes during last year, managing to get a few boxes via e-bay. Now all stocks seem to be exhausted! E-mails to Premier Foods were ignored and it looks pretty clear that they are not going to re-introduce the Oxo stock cube range which they have discontinued. Does anyone have a recipe for the Indian Herb & Spice range? Many thanks. Howard.

Anonymous said...

Hi All
I can't believe it. I too have been searching for the elusive cubes since my stocks ran out & have been to almost every supermarket and specialist asian shops looking for chinese & indian cubes. I had the same problem with oxo beef gravy granules which I eventually found in a local 'McColls'. How can we be sure this is not down to selective marketing by the big supermarkets who seem to change stocks on a whim, ignoring the customer requirements. I am desperately missing all four of the oxo spece cube range and it is seriously affecting the taste of lots of my dishes.

Anonymous said...


The Italian cudes are on the shelf in Sainsburys.

For the chinese version I have had to resort to Schwartz cook art richly roasted sprice blend. it tastes a bit different but is great for quick spice. does anyone know of an alternative or a receipe for the indian cube.


Anonymous said...

I have just had 72 Mexican Oxo cubes given to me as a present. The trouble is their expiry date is April 2009, and there is no way I can use them all in a month. They are in packs of 6. Let me know if you want any. Postage plus a small contribution would be appreciated. Thanks.

chairman said...

Well yesterday I used my last Indian stock cube, I bought a lot about 15 months ago, and now they are gone we used them to make a quick potato baji, but mostly to make spicy flavoured popcorn. So I am now looking for a substitute.

Bad marketing I think lead to the demise.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe if there are so many people buying these stock cubes why they've been discontinued! They were never on the shelves longer than a week in Sainsbury, Tesco or Morrison. Another supermarket conspiracy I think with out the OXO cubes you have to buy more ingredients..........


Anonymous said...

I have added my support with an email to premier, we haven't been able to get any of these cubes for many months now and are about to use the last of the Italian... my spag bols will never be the same again!

Anonymous said...

Good lord - I thought it was just me! I've been hunting for Italian cubes in particular for weeks now, having used the last one in the cupboard. Nada - tried Somerfield, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Iceland, Lidl, Budgens etc, here and in London....

Now I'm reduced to surfing the internet for info, and come across this website - magic! How very odd it all is - why do they do it? I'll follow this with interest and go on hoping....

jmart said...

I am so desperate for chinese oxo!! Someone must know... Any weight watcher will know, chinese oxo are free points and very tasty, I really need to to find some soon!! Asda used to sell them and I bought 12 boxes at a time, if I knew who sold them I'd buy a case of them. Help!!

John Waldron said...

Mick, it is great to know that I am not alone in my seriously missing these spice cubes. Once again my favourites were Mexican and Chinese. I thought it was just me being out of step with the rest of humanity. I do believe that it has a lot to do with the personal whims of Supermarket Purchasing Managers or the local staff responsible for reordering, not always the most adventurous or sophisticated of diners to be found. One thing I do notice is that their demise seems to have coincided with the introduction of East European foodstuffs in our local Morrison's. It is also noticeable that Heinz Meanz Beans disappeared at the same time.

I would welcome and support any orgainsed movement to try and get these products reinstated. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf John Waldron, Peterborough.

polo7 said...

I am experiencing same problems here in Wilts in obtaining any varieties of Oxo, apart from the Beef/Veg/Chicken varieties. Lamb (purple) seems to of dried up now(excuse the pun)in all branches of Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.
Do these so called Supply Managers not realise the problems they are causing? Bring back ALL Oxo varieties (need em to spice up my rubbish cooking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
Like you I use flavoured oxo cubes if and when I can get them but I find that the supply has dried up. I am in the Borders of Scotland. A few months ago I managed to get mexican and chinese in Poundstrechers.
I cannot find either Indian or Italian Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sorry but there is no way I will give away or sell any of my stock and will use them even if the use by date has long gone. My nose works perfectly well and if they even smell bad I will know!!!
I am wondering if you have done anything about a campaign to ask oxo to get it together to bring them back.
I would definately agree with the person who said that it was bad marketing or I would change it to NO marketing. I don't remember seeing any ads about them!! AND lack of investment to allow the public to 'get to know the lovely little spicy cubes' that work wonders in my cooking. I'd sack the lot of them

The oxo site is still not up and running and that's nearly a year since the first comment about it was posted. Looks like they could be going out of business.

email address

many thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi from Yorkshire - no cubes here either, altho' Italian seem to have reappeared in small numbers in Sainsburys. If anyone knows of outlet for Mexican ones - please, please , please let me know. Will contact Premier Foods to add my voice to the thousands.

Kris said...

I'll be adding my voice too! I just used the last one of a stash I bought months ago - found a few in a supermarket (can't remember which one) and bought the lot :)

Chili just doesn't taste the same without them. *sigh

jmart said...

I have 4 remaining chinese cubes, I'm saving each one for 4 very special occasions! The date on them is september 2008 and there is nothing wrong with them at all. There is far too much reliance on sell-by dates and not enough old fashioned common sense.

jmart said...

There's a guy on ebay right now selling 6 packs of 6 chinese oxos for £4 plus £3 postage if anyone is mad enough here's the link
I personally am not so keen that I'll pay double the price to satisfy my need. But if anyone else wants to he's got 10 more packs of 36 cubes with a date of april 2009. That won't suit those of you who like to listen to sell-by dates I guess!!!

SWClub said...

I too have been looking and found your fab page

I googled them and found a forum on Money Saving Expert

Someone used the ingredients on the packet and made up a 'sauce'

I tried it, and it did work, not exactly the same as the cubes, but as good


After some experimenting with spices at home, I found I got a similar effect with:
3 tsp paprika
1 tsp hot chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp tomato puree

Flexoandbender said...

Ah Ha!!!!!!!I am not alone. Desperately searched forever for the Indian ones (somerset) but only came up with Italian in Sainsbury's. any more news? those Mexicans sound good!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mick.
I have also been seaching for the "chinese" oxo cubes.
I've e-mailed and sent msgs via their website, got std marketing info reply, They suck !!
Not even a mention of blue cubes..

Chris M

Anonymous said...

We have one precious out of date Chinese Oxo cube left and would love to be able to get more! My son is allergic to onion/onion powder and we would like to know the ingredients so we can have a go at reproducing the taste. (We have had to make our own "Thousand island" etc etc in the past because of his allergy!)I am on a mission, found this site and hope there are now some available but I am not holding my breath!!

Anonymous said...

Just read all posts on the elusive Mexican oxo cubes,why do Premier Foods not listen to anyone,they get you hooked then leave you high n dry. We have also been searching supermarkets with no luck,will try the recipe someone kindly gave but would love to see the cubes back on the shelves.

Anonymous said...

I've been coming back to the this page for a while now, the lady who posted the recipe ingredients like the Mexican cube is a life saver, I use it all the time and it does do the trick, so many thanks :)

trayce said...

Thank goodness! I thought I was going mad! I love the Indian Oxo cubes to spice up my couscous. I've tried tinkering will curry powders and spices but it's just not the same :-(
I'm very disappointed. like everyone else. Lets hope they see sense.

Anonymous said...

i have 4 chinese oxo cubes left and cant find them anymore they have a sell by date of 2005 and still great. getting deperate now, help!

Anonymous said...

I now have just one little Mexi Oxo left, which will be gone by next week. I'm sooo sad. Just checked Ebay - which is where I got my last expensive fix from - but to no avail. My husband suggested trying the recipe above, which seems to have good reviews, so I will. That's it now then. My beloved Mexi Oxo's - RIP. Hils

Anonymous said...

I've ended up on your page looking for the blasted Oxo cubes!! I have 1 Chinese, 3 Mexican and a full box of the Indian ones left.. (exp 2007). Arrggghhhh!!!

sophia said...

Have also been lookng for these for ages - thought it was just me! - have just run out of all flavours. The mexi oxo was fantastic. Why, oh, why do companies bugger about with stuff - if it aint broke - don't fix it!! Is this company interested in what the consumer wants?? Or does it just want to please itself?? Really pi**ed off they have been discontinued!

Karen said...

Great News !! just called Premier Foods about new Spag Bol Oxo cubes, they confirmed they have replaced the Italian cubes, and by about next February Mexican, Indian and Chinese will be back on our supermarket shelves - Woo Hoo

Mouse said...

Can this be true...????!

Karen said...
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Karen said...
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Karen said...


Anonymous said...

I have been looking for these flavours for some time. I can't even get the Indian flavour ones. I used the Indian flavour one by mistake in a pasta dish for my daughter and her friends and it was a great success. They keep asking me to produce the dish and I can't as I can't find the cubes. So I thought I will do a search and came across your page. I am glad I am not the only one!!

Anonymous said...

I got some oxo cubes (the indian ones) last week in Tesco, but i had them in the clearance section so it would seem they are being discontinued again!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen - You've made me so happy!! Mexi Oxo's coming back in February! Yee Haa! Is this really, truly for real? I couldn't take the disappointment if not. OMG wait til I tell my husband! Whoop whoop! :) Happy Days!! Hils

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually know if the Chinese cubes did go back on sale and if they are where I can buy them. I've given up cooking stir frys because I cannot find another stock that even comes close to oxo.

Anonymous said...

Hi all - been a Chinese cube addict for years. Still got a dozen or so left (2009) - used sparingly and no (unpleasant) after-effects so far.
However, mild panic is starting to set-in. I also have 4 Mexican cubes left (also April '09)that I would swap for say at least 8 Chinese ones (only kidding, but I AM an addict).
So if anyone has 4 (not TOO old) Chinese cubes left and prefers Mexican - let's tango! (or whatever...)

Anonymous said...

Just found this site I am one of the few people in Britain to still have some Mexican,Italian and Chinese cube all well past their sell by date but gold dust.Anyone longing for a good chilli sauce try adding a small amount of Nitro Naga which I get from Schorchio

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please somebody locate some Chinese stock cubes. I'm desperate!

Anonymous said...

They're back!!!!!!!!!!!

Not in the they're original format but the flavour is exactly the same, enjoy.